A Funeral House or An Online Store: What Will You Consider For Purchasing a Cremation Urn?

Deciding on the best funeral urns can be difficult, especially when you are experiencing an emotional turmoil. Most of the people panic in such situations and end up making an incorrect decision. You can get cremation urns from both a funeral house and an online store, but the question is from where will you find the best urn or which is ideally the best place to buy beautiful and sturdy urns? Families that rush at the mere thought of getting an urn usually end up purchasing it from a funeral house. But if you think logically then buying urns from an online store is a way wiser decision to make.

You can check out the large collection of cremation urns for human ashes available at Divinity Urns for this purpose. If you feel buying an urn from either a funeral house or an online store won’t create much difference then think again. Buying urn from an online store would be a more cost-effective option and would also give you the opportunity to choose from a myriad of options. If you are still not convinced that online stores are a better urn purchasing option, then read ahead.

Discounts and sale always make the urn comparatively inexpensive

Unlike the funeral houses, online stores always offer some or the other urns on discount throughout the year. You can also expect to get plush and beautifully themed urn like a heart keepsake urn at affordable rates. Funeral houses never offer any sort of discount, rather they make the urns available at extremely high prices. People who are unaware of the fact that it is not compulsory to purchase urns from funeral houses end up buying it from them. Whether you purchase urns for human ashes or dog memorial urns from funeral houses, everything will be extremely pricey, which is never the case with online stores.

You get the option to choose from a large range of cremation vessels

According to a survey, funeral houses have only a few limited options to offer when it comes to offering urns for ashes for adults, infants, and pets. Everyone wants to find an urn that perfectly summarizes the entire life of the departed soul with its single glance only. This purpose can certainly not be fulfilled if you purchase an urn from a funeral house. You need to check a lot of different options before deciding on the final one. Apart from selling beautiful cremation urns, all the online stores also offer beautiful cremation urn jewelry like the purple urn necklace along with offering cremation accessories. This large range is sure to help you find the right urn.

A free shipping and delivery is offered by most online stores

If you thought purchasing cremation boxes from an online store would be expensive because of the additional delivery and shipping charges, then think again. Most of the online stores offer free delivery and shipping with every placed order. So whether you purchase cremation urns or an urn vault for burial you will not have to pay extra for that. You should go and check an online store for self to know the difference between a funeral house and an online store.

Purchasing large or keepsake cremation urns are a totally personal choice. If you don’t mind paying a higher price and are fine with limited options then a funeral house would be perfect for you. But if you want more options in a lesser price range, then online stores should be your ultimate choice. Divinity Urns is one such online store that is sure going to fulfill your requirements. If you liked the content, then do share it with your loved ones.

Can Cremation Urns For Humans Really Reduce Grief?

One of the most debatable cremation topics that have been receiving different thoughts from different people is whether the cremation urns really help in reducing grief or is it just another myth. People may have different opinions on this but apparently, it has been found that it does help in reducing grief to some extent. Whether you talk about burial urns or any other cremation urn, you spend hours and even days to find the perfect one. The reason for giving so much emphasis on finding the perfect urn is to make sure that you have got the perfect resting place for the departed soul. This is the least you can do for paying a tribute to your loved one.

You can check out Divinity Urns for finding the perfect urn vessel for preserving the cremated remains of your loved one. This online store offers the largest collection of cremation vessels, accessories, and jewelry so you can rest assured of getting the best urn from this place. If you don’t support the fact that cremation urns for humans have the capacity to reduce grief to a certain extent, then you are sure to get convinced by the end of the blog.

Choosing the right cremation vessel gives you a sense of content

The very thought of losing a loved one can leave you feeling devastated. People take days or even months to recover and return back to the normal schedule. In such a situation, the feeling of knowing to have found the perfect resting place for the departed soul can actually soothe a lot of people. You don’t necessarily have to purchase large and plush urns for preserving the remains to make the soul happy. Simple cremation urns for burial can also serve the purpose. Every time you will watch the vessel, you will have a sense of satisfaction that a part of your loved one is resting peacefully in your bought cremation vessel.

You can express your emotions with cremation urns

Death doesn’t come informing you, it comes all of a sudden. A lot of people regret not saying the things they wanted to and this is the place where a large or small memorial urn helps you out. You can easily find a lot of urns having customization option in them. Customization allows you to get a special message or picture engraved on the surface of the wood cremation urns or any other cremation vessel. This takes the urn to a whole new emotional and personal level. Through engraving option, you can actually convey the special message that you wanted the departed soul to know and this will really make you feel better.

A part of the departed soul stays with you

No one would want their loved one to leave them at any cost. But death is a bitter truth that needs to be accepted by all. Even though your loved one gets separated physically, you can still maintain a spiritual connection with the soul. You can preserve a small portion of the remains in beautiful tea light urns and always keep it close to you in your house. This will make you feel that your loved one is still around you. You can also preserve the remains in a beautiful heart urn as it indicates that you have safely preserved the remains of your loved one forever in your heart.

These little details might look insignificant, but they can actually create a lot of difference. Every time you will see the keepsake urns for human ashes in front of you, a feeling of satisfaction will always rush through your veins. You will actually feel good seeing the vessel you bought for your loved one. Divinity Urns is a reliable cremation urn provider that offers the largest collection among all other online stores. Starting from fishing cremation urns to military urns, you can find everything at this place. Check this online store once for getting the best urns at affordable prices. If you liked the content then do share it with your loved ones.

Cremation Urns for Adults and Memorizing Loved Ones – A Brief Discussion

If your loved ones have chosen to be cremated after death, you must honor their choices and make pre-needed arrangements. Arrangements like buying suitable cremation urns for adults and choosing a particular way to dispose of the cremains are some of the things to consider before the actual cremation process takes place. Most of the people choose to have a formal funeral service before the cremation. It could be a personalized event that includes the relatives and closed ones of the departed person. If you have been invited to attend the funeral service of a family member or a closed one, you can choose to bring memorial cremation urns to show your love towards him/her.

The funeral service often depends on who died

You could always plan a traditional or a contemporary funeral service before the cremation process. Depending on whether it’s an adult or a child who departed, the funeral and cremation services are planned. Often the death of an infant or a child is the most devastating event and for a family and the infant urns for ashes are turned into jewelry pieces like pendants and rings. These jewelry pieces are worn always and especially at some event and occasion in the family. This gives the feeling that the departed children and infants are always remembered and included in all occasions.

Themed human urns are the best for memorizing someone

There are themed urns like a marine corps urn or a sports urn. Such an urn for ashes is for commemorating any person who was in a specific profession or had a certain hobby. Such themed urns are quite popular these days. You can check a good collection of such cremation boxes at online stores like Divinity Urns. While choosing such urns, you can ask the consent of the other family members so that they can also participate in choosing an urn for the deceased person. It would create nice memories for the family as well. If you have decided to choose a navy urn, others can help you choose the right color and quote to be engraved on it.

Commemorating in a unique way

Are you planning to commemorate your special one in a unique way? What about growing a memorial tree in your backyard or in the porch? Yes, in a store like Divinity Urns you can find special wooden urns for human ashes which are for growing memorial trees. These urns have seeds of plants inside them. When buried these seeds grow into saplings and then into trees. Thus, you can have a shady tree in your property which will remind you of the deceased person. As the wooden urns are biodegradable, the vessel gets naturally depleted with time and the tree does not face any challenge to grow from it.

Urns as decorative pieces in homes

If you are choosing beautifully designed marble urns for keeping the cremains of your loved ones, you can keep those as decorative pieces in your home. These urns can be kept in a corner shelf with photographs and other memorabilia of the person. It will not just be a reminder of the person for the family, but also for relatives and friends visiting the house. A beautiful purple heart urn can enhance the look of your mantle and make it a special corner in memory of a person.

So, are you looking for store from where you can purchase small cremation urns? Choose an online store like Divinity Urns. It’s a store that has an impressive stock of cremation vessels of all kinds. Let others know about the store and the urns by sharing this post with all.

Can The Cremation Urns For Adults Be Considered As Modern Art?

The urns for containing the last remains of a human being are often cast in metal, carved on wood, or made from ceramic with beautiful designs on them; altogether they give the impression of art in the most modern forms. Most of these cremation urns for adults, rather than being buried or disposed of, are kept at home as keepsakes and decorative items. These works of art are often placed on top of a shelf or the mantle with other decorative items around. Sometimes, these urns are placed in the garden with a beautiful plant grown on top in memory of a deceased relative of the family.

The rate of cremation has increased thus

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, a large number of people are choosing cremation as their last rites and by the year 2025, the rate would increase to around 60%. With this increase in the cremation rates, innovation has also touched the urns. Today, an urn is not just a simple wooden urn box, but a piece of art with gemstones engraved or carvings made on it. You can see some of the best examples of artistically made urns at Divinity Urns.

Funeral urns come in all sizes

These works of art come in all sizes and shapes. While some are small memorial urns to be used for distributing the ashes among multiple family members, some are large sculpture urns or urns that could contain the entire cremains of an adult. Each urn is like a unique piece of art – some with beautiful carvings, others with gemstones engraved, and some in the form of sculpture. When it comes to art forms on cremation urns, the choices are many and innovation is at an all time high!

These are personalized art forms

Sometimes in some unfortunate events, parents lose their babies/infants. But it is hard to part with their last remains. Such parents can always opt for personalized infant urns for ashes to preserve the cremains forever with them. Infant urns are smaller in size as compared to adult urns and are often customized with a quote or a blessing engraved on those. There are also parents who prefer to put the child’s picture on the urn to keep it as a memorabilia in the home. It can be said that people are using innovative ways to preserve the cremains of their loved ones in these art-pieces called cremation urns.

An emotional art piece

A cremation urn is not just like any other regular art piece. It is not just an object to be kept as a showpiece to enhance the decor of the interiors. Rather, it is much more than that! It is true that people keep the urns as keepsake decorative pieces. However, there is humanity and lot of love associated with the vessels. Such vessels are thoughtfully chosen and the cremains of the loved ones are preserved inside. People feel connected with those urns and these vessels have emotional importance for the family members. Sometimes, urns are chosen based on the hobbies and interests of the deceased persons. For instance, the fishing cremation urns are bought for those who loved fishing as a hobby or with whom a person went fishing together on weekends. Likewise, there are other themed urns as well to choose from.

When it comes to cremation urns as art pieces, the options are many. Visit the store of Divinity Urns to check out its collection. And, share this post so that people can know the best place to visit for buying urns for cremation ashes.

Turn Adult Urns into Amazing Trees after Death of Your Loved Ones

How do you want to remember the departed members of your family? Do you wish their bodies to get decomposed and eaten by worms after burial? Or do you want to dispose of their dead bodies and forget all about them? There is another option – cremate your loved ones following all rituals and use their cremains preserved in adult urns for ashes to grow memorial trees. Isn’t that exciting? Read on to know more…

How does it happen?

An urn that can be used to grow a memorial tree is often a biodegradable wooden cremation box. Such a container has two parts on the inside – one for containing the cremains and the other for the seed of the plant you wish to grow. After putting the cremains as well as the seed into the box, the wooden box is placed in the soil in a choicest place of the family members, often in the backyard or on the front porch. It is generally grown in a place where the family members could spend some time beside the tree and remember the person. Generally, a favourite fruit tree or a shady tree much loved by the departed person is chosen as a memorial tree.

Things to keep in mind while growing memorial trees

You may not want to grow a tree and instead choose themed urns like football urns for ashes in memory of persons who loved a specific sports or hobby. However, if you are determined on having memorial trees for your departed relatives, you should choose 100% biodegradable urns. These urns which are specially designed for trees allow easy germination of seeds inside and a tree could grow easily. However, it is not possible with just any urns at a store. Check out what biodegradable urns for memorial trees look like in an online store like Divinity Urns.

These urns are for everyone

Urns for growing memorial tree can be both of adults as well as children. Child cremation urns are often chosen to grow flowering trees and plants that make the property look beautiful besides being a memorabilia of the departed young members of the family. You can either choose to put the entire cremains of a child or an adult inside the urn for a memorial tree or choose to preserve just a portion of the cremains. When the tree grows, you can put up a bench beneath it so that family members can sit with the deceased member for a while and share some quiet time together.

Want to transform cremains into trees?

If you have already preserved the cremains of your family members in keepsake memorial urns, but now want to grow memorial trees from those ashes, don’t hesitate. All you need to do is to visit a store like Divinity Urns from where you can purchase biodegradable urns suitable for growing memorial trees. You can the transfer the cremains into the urn you chose and place the container on the soil in your yard to grow into a tree.

Now, share this post so that you can spread the idea of growing a memorial tree from the cremains. You can also visit the online store of Divinity Urns and check the different types of urns it has.