Preplanning and Cremation Urns and De-stressing Your Loved Ones

The uncertainty of life does not restrict us from going on. We come to this world, we grow, we play, we learn, we age and one day everything comes to a standstill. Although it is easy to talk about the cycle of life so casually, when we lose someone, nothing in the entire universe can calm our pain down. We human beings are created like that. Have you ever thought how painful it would be for your people when you’ll be no more? Would you ever like to torment them with more pain by making them buy a cremation urn for your final disposition? No, right? In this context, what you can do is pre-plan your own cremation and purchase one of the most suitable Cremation urns from a good dealer like Memorials4you, according to your choice.

Pre-planning does make sense

Pre-planning gives you enough time to choose how you would like to get cremated. By considering the wide range of options available to you, you can take an informed decision. Thereafter, you can explore and decide on the types of cremation products like urns for ashes and jewelry you need to buy in order to facilitate the process of cremation. With well-stocked dealers like Memorials4you, you have a world of options to choose from.

Questions to ask yourself

In case of burial, you can choose from various types of services you would like in regard to cremation. There are a number of people who misconceive a notion that if you choose cremation, you cannot plan a customary funeral. However, the reality is, most of the cremations take place after performing a traditional funeral ceremony. Well, you can also opt for direct cremation followed by a commemoration ceremony at a date you prefer. So, while preplanning, you should understand your needs in the first place and then decide on a certain option. Some of the most important questions you’d need to ask yourself are –

  • If or not you would like to arrange a funeral ceremony before performing cremation, if yes, then where would you want to organize the ceremony?
  • If or not you would like to get a commemoration service followed by cremation, if yes, then when and where would you want it to commence?
  • In case of burial or entombing, would you want to have any kind of memorial service?

Pre-planning depends on your choices

Depending on what would you like to have and what you don’t, pre-planning of your cremation would take its turn. Do remember to sit with your family members and decide, whether or not they want small urns to divide the cremated remains among themselves or scatter or bury it. It is important because there are different types of cremation urns available in the market that people choose on the basis of what they want to do with the cremains.

Cremains can be buried in a burial vault or interred in a niche in a columbarium or scattered or simply kept at home. So, understanding your own needs is pretty much important in this regard.

Then there are biodegradable urns

With pollution wrecking havoc all over the world, more and more people and cremation products dealers have become quite aware. When it comes safeguarding the Mother Nature from further damage, biodegradable cremation urns come into play.

No matter, which final disposition service you choose or which cremation product you prefer, make sure to select a reliable and customer-oriented store like Divinity Urns for making the purchase.  Divinity Urns is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cremation products that are known for its high-quality and wide assortment of products. Share this blog if you like the concept of pre-planning your own cremation in advance.

Pre-Planning and Purchasing an Urn for Human Ashes Mean Peace of Mind

The fear of losing someone can be traumatic. However, when that moment actually arrives, we get dumbstruck. That’s the practical joke that life throws at us at least once in our lifetime. If you have been there and are looking for the final disposition options available to you, then you are on the right page. As far as cremation is concerned, there are multiple options to get it done, which includes – burying in a local cemetery, scattering the remains in sea or land and keeping it with yourself in urns for human ashes so that the memories of your loved one remains in front of your eyes. You can also decorate it over a mantle at your home with photos and stuff used by the deceased.

What happens when you pre-plan your cremation?

In comparison to burial, the service cost of cremation is more likely to be less, especially if you are pre-planning your cremation. In fact, all of us should pre-plan. The reason – apart from being less expensive and the other advantages associated, pre-planning is directly associated with the peace of mind of the family members of a deceased.

When you pre-plan, you provide your loved ones with peace of mind. Let’s consider an example! You always want to get your ashes buried. When you buy an urn vault for burial in advance from a reliable dealer like Memorials4you, you save your family members from this hassle. Also, they will get to understand that your last wish is to be cremated and then get buried. However, if you are not very much convinced with the idea of cremation and need to understand when it is a feasible option for you, read on!

Is cremation the right choice for you?

Cremation is an ideal option for you if –

  • You are looking for a less-expensive option than a traditional funeral
  • You support the notion of a resting place above the ground
  • Your loved ones want to keep your cremated remains with themselves in keepsakes for ashes

What other that scattering, burial and keepsaking?

Well, if you are not satisfied by the ordinary want your family members to utilize your cremated remains in a much creative and thoughtful way, then plant a tree. Didn’t get it, right? You can ask your family to plant a biodegradable cremation urn tree in the backyard of your house. Biodegradable cremation urn tree means putting the cremated remains inside a biodegradable urn and burying it and then planting a tree on the top of it. With reliable dealers like Memorials4you, you have many eco-friendly options to choose from.

What if your loved ones need to fly with your ashes?

There are certain situations, when you loved ones might have to fly with your ashes to a different place. What if something like this actually happens? Check with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) when it comes to flying with the cremated remains. The TSA will neither stop you from flying with the ashes not open it to check the content. However, TSA allows only scannable cremation boxes for ashes. Therefore, it is highly advisable to do proper research and look for the materials of cremation urns that are considered alright by the authority. If you overlook it, your family members might land up in rough waters.

Hopefully, the above mentioned information will help you pre-plan and let your family have peace of mind when you’ll be resting in peace. When it comes to cremation products, Memorials for you is the best option to bank upon. Go to and explore. Also, share this blog to let others encourage the idea of preplanning.

Questions to Consider Before Purchasing the Final Resting Place of Your Loved One

Choosing a cremation urn is a totally personal and emotional task that requires time to be done perfectly. A number of families are considering cremating the memories of their loved one for different personal and religious reasons. But, is it necessary to arrange the cremation urn in a hurry to store the remains given by the crematorium? Certainly not! You should be aware that the crematoriums have their own urns that they use to transfer the ashes of the deceased before handing the remains to you. It means you can let the remains rest safely in those containers till the time you find the perfect resting place for the departed soul. You can browse through endless cremation vessels available online on Divinity Urns for finding the best cremation vessel for your loved one.

You are not just finding a vessel to store the cremated remains; rather you are finding a place where your loved one will rest in peace forever. So make sure to be specific with your choice of the urn. If you want to get the best cremation vessel for your loved one, then make sure to ask the following questions to self.

What is the purpose of purchasing an urn?

Your only concern is not to decide whether you will go for a traditional burial or for cremation. You will also have to decide the purpose of purchasing a cremation vessel i.e. whether you want to bury the remains with the help of urns for human ashes, scatter the remains or preserve the remains in your house. Owing to the increasing number of families opting for cremation, the cremation industry has come up with a myriad of cremation vessels for different purposes. If you want to bury the remains, then buy a sturdy urn along with an urn vault to safely bury the remains in the burial ground. Whereas, for keeping the remains safely stored in your house for ages you should consider buying a beautifully crafted personalized urn. There are scattering tubes also that can be used to safely scatter the ashes in nature. Decide on the purpose first and then go ahead for purchasing the cremation vessel. This will make sure you choose the right vessel for your loved one.

A simple urn or a customized urn; which one to choose?

This is again a personal choice. Some people don’t like plush urns while others specifically search for unique and attractive urns that will go perfectly with their home décor. The choice of choosing between a simple or a customized urn can also be based on the place where you decide to keep the urn. Designs of the urns play an important role in deciding the price of the product, so knowing what you want can actually save you a lot of money or get you the right product. If you don’t have enough time to visit various cremation vessel stores to find the perfect vessel, then just visit the online store of Divinity Urns and get amused by the large collection offered by the online store. Whatever be your desired urn type, you are sure to find it here.

Which size urn will be perfect for preserving the cremated remains?

The size of the urn holds immense importance as the right sized urn will ensure that the ashes are safely transferred and kept in the urn. If you lost your child recently, then you should look for small urns, as the quantity of ashes is not much. But, if you want to buy an urn for keeping the remains of an adult, then you should choose standard sized adult urns for this purpose. If you don’t only want to keep a small portion of the remains, then keepsake urns for ashes should be preferred. If you are not sure of what size to choose and also you don’t have any space constraint for keeping the urn in your house, then you should always buy a standard sized urn. This keeps you on the safe side and ensures not even a single part of the ashes are spilled from the vessel. You can check out the various sized available urns at Divinity Urns.

What options do I have?  

If you decide to go for the cremation method, then you will never fall short of options with respect to the cremation vessels and jewelry. The environment savers can get the biodegradable burial urns while the simplicity lovers can get sophisticated and elegant urns. You just have to be sure of the purpose for which you are purchasing an urn and options will never be a problem for you. Staring from tea light urns to fish urns, military urns to pewter urns, you will get amazed to see so many options. Just choose the one that goes perfectly with your checklist.

You can only get the perfect resting place for your loved one when you know what you are exactly looking for. So ask as many questions as you can and then only proceed with buying an urn. Divinity Urns is a reliable cremation vessel and jewelry provider known for offering quality products at fair prices. Once you are done with deciding on the type of vessel required, you can shop the desired vessel from their online store. If you liked the blog and found it to be useful, then do share it with your family and friends.

Important Cremation Facts Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Everyone knows that cremation is a process where the body of the deceased is burnt to ashes and then handed over to the family in the form of ashes. But the concept of cremation doesn’t cease here. Many consider cremation to be a simple concept with nothing much to know about. This is not the case. Don’t just blindly go ahead searching for the funeral urns for sale without knowing everything about the process. Knowledge is power and it will surely give you a clarity of thoughts and you will be knowing why exactly you have chosen cremation over the traditional burial method. In the year 2017, over 50% of the American population chose to cremate their loved one. Don’t you want to find out the reasons behind it? If you are curious about exploring some unusual facts about cremation, then read ahead.

Green cremation

When we hear the term “green cremation”, the first thing that comes to our mind is the biodegradable urn tree or any other urns made of biodegradable products. But did you know, even the cremation process can be green? Yes, you read that right! There are some crematoriums that perform green cremation using water and potassium hydroxide. This mixture is used to burn the body of the deceased in the same way the flames would have. Green cremation is environment-friendly and the concept of burning the body with the help of a water-potassium hydroxide is pleasing families across the country. Not all crematoriums have started this process yet, so you can buy eco-friendly urns from Divinity Urns and then safely bury or scatter the remains without polluting the nature.

The entire human body doesn’t burn from the flames in the machine

People have a misconception that the human body enters from one end of the machine and after going through tremendous heat pressure comes out from the other end of the machine in the form of ashes. In reality, you can never store the remains coming just after going through the tremendous heat in urns for ashes for adults. Flames can burn the flesh present on the body but not the bones. There remain chances that even after burning the body on as high as 14,000 Fahrenheit for several hours; a few parts of the bones of human teeth can be left behind. After going through the heat pressure for hours, the residue is then placed in another machine where the possible remains like the bones and teeth are grounded into a fine powder. You get the final cremated remains after the body has passed through two stages and not just one.

Cremation is not a new method

It may surprise you, but cremation is actually older than the traditional burial method. The concept of cremation has only started to get fame over recent years. It is believed that people from ancient times are cremating their loved ones instead of burying them. The only difference is that previously, there were no cremation vessels like we have today. We can choose from a myriad of funerary urns having different sizes, designs, materials, colors, and what not. This variety of cremation vessels was not present earlier, so ancient people used to preserve the remains in simple containers that used to last for ages. So, if someone tells you that cremation is a relatively new method compared to the traditional burial method, then you know what to say now.

The burning process is a time-consuming one

Just because everything is being done through a machine, doesn’t mean that you will get the cremated remains within a few minutes. Many people have this misconception that cremation can be done within a few minutes and then you can take those ashes safely stored in your urns to your home. This is a myth. Even if the body is burnt at extreme temperature, still it will take a minimum of 3 hours to burn the entire body completely. Moreover, the process doesn’t stop here. After facing extreme temperature for hours, the residue is then taken to another machine where the possibility of having any left out portion gets removed, as the residue is grounded in the second machine. So, you can expect the entire process to take more than 3 hours in some cases.

These are some of the many amusing facts that many people are unaware of. There are some laws related to cremation as well that support the family members and makes the crematorium authorities accountable and liable for damages if they mishandle the body of your loved one. You can actually find a lot of more interesting facts about cremation that will not only add to your knowledge but will also surprise you at the same time.

If you are considering cremation for a loved one, then you can get the perfect cremation vessels and jewelry from Divinity Urns, a renowned cremation vessel supplier. Whether you want to get beautiful angel urns for human ashes or patriotic military urns, you find everything under one roof at affordable prices. If you liked the blog and found it to be useful, then do share it with your family and friends.

How to Cope Up With the Grief After Losing Your Loved One?

The loss of losing a loved one is irreversible and no one can explain the pain one goes through under such a traumatic condition. Healing takes time and you will require a lot of time to get over the loss you are experiencing at the moment. You can never forget the memories of your loved one but you can start to live with the fact that some or the other day everyone has to leave this world. What adds up more to this painstaking situation is the need to find the perfect cremation urn to store the remains of your loved one. All these events might make you go blank, but you cannot lose hope. If you have lost a loved one recently and you are having a problem in coping up with the situation then follow some rules that might help you ease the unbearable pain.

Choose the best cremation vessel

The reason behind choosing the perfect cremation vessel is that you will remain content with the fact that you have chosen the best final resting place for your loved one. Many people give special emphasis on choosing the best cremation urns for humans so that they can preserve the cremated remains in these beautiful and safe vessels and can see them regularly for reviving the memories of their loved one. If you are yet to find the perfect vessel, then you can check the various available urns on Divinity Urns for getting the best cremation vessel at fair prices. You can choose the urn according to the area of interest of liking of the departed soul. Like, if the departed soul loved fishing then you keep his remains in beautiful fishing urns. This will not only make their soul rest in peace but will also give you a sense of satisfaction whenever you see that vessel.

Talk more with your family and friends

Isolating oneself from the world on the pretext of recovering from the loss of a loved one will never help you. Your family members are equally grieved on the loss of a valuable family member, but not talking to one another will not help in this case. You should speak your heart out and share every thought that comes to your mind with your close family members. This will not only make you feel good but will also make the other family members a bit happy and you all can start recovering from the loss together. If the departed soul was equally loved by all, then you can preserve small portions of the remains in various urns for ashes jewelry and then distribute all the jewelry pieces among close members. This way, all the members will be having a memoir of the loved one and whenever you will see the jewelry you will cherish the times spent with the loved one. It will actually make you and your family members feel good.

Accept the fact that everyone has to go one day  

It is difficult to get separated from the person we love the most, but death is a universal truth that no one can decline and everyone has to accept it at the earliest. Instead of grieving on your loved one’s death, try to make efforts that will not only make you feel better but will ensure a happy resting of the departed soul. If the ashes are still kept in the cremation vessel given by the crematorium, then you should immediately replace it with the one you feel will be loved by the departed soul. If the departed soul loved swimming or always enjoyed spending time near the water bodies, then get a biodegradable urn for sea burial and then dispense the remains in the water. This will make sure that the soul gets free and can return back to nature. You can always keep a small portion of the remains before dispensing the ashes in the water. This way, both the soul and you can be at peace.  

Stay busy in your daily routine

You cannot constantly think about something when you are working and your mind is busy with some other work. Many people leave their work for days and wait to get normal before they can finally start it all over. This should be never done. The more time you spend doing nothing, the more time you will find yourself thinking about the loved one. Once you are done with safely preserving the cremated remains in beautiful and sturdy funeral urns for human ashes, you can actually start your regular course of work. When you remain engaged in some or the other work, there remain chances that slowly and gradually you will overcome the loss and will start leading a normal life again.

Every individual has its own way of recovering and not every method would work for everyone. If you feel you have tried everything, and yet you are unable to overcome the loss then it is better you start doing things that appease you. Once you are done with all the rituals and preserving the remains in safe vessels you should start to move ahead in life. You can get the best cremation vessels and jewelry from Divinity Urns, a reliable name in the cremation vessel industry at reasonable prices along with a free ground delivery. If you liked the blog and found it to be useful, then do share it with your family and friends.