Buy a Wooden Cremation Urn; Plan Your Own Eco-Friendly Funeral

Many people are choosing cremation as their last rites. There are quite a few reasons for this. First, it is an eco-friendly way and secondly, the burial real estate price is at its all-time high, Purchasing a burial space is going to be expensive for the relatives of the deceased. Moreover, the relatives and friends can purchase alloy urns of various sizes and preserve the cremains of the deceased person as keepsake jewelry.

Are you too planning your own funeral? Death is inevitable and planning for it well in advance is the most intelligent thing one can do. It will give enough time to save money for funeral rites. Moreover, if you are choosing eco-friendly cremation, choose a wooden cremation urn for yourself.

Before you plan…

A lot before you start shopping for adult cremation urns and well before you make legal and financial arrangements, there’s something! You must make sure that each of your family members knows about your decision. Tell them that you wish to be cremated and also how do you plan it. There are a number of things that you can do with those urns:

  • Bury the cremation urns in the garden with a seed inside. Thus, a memorial tree will grow out of it. This tree will keep reminding of you and you will always stay closer to your loved ones.
  • Keep the urn in a crematorium or in a columbarium. All your relatives and friends will be able to visit you there. For such purpose weatherproof urns are the best options.
  • Turn the ashes for urns into jewelry. Small-sized urns that could contain a portion of the ashes could be made into earrings or necklaces. Thus, your relatives and close family members will be able to wear those on special occasion and feel your presence. Some people are opting for cremation jewelry pets, but human ashes could be turn into jewelry too.
  • Bury your ashes in a beautiful place like a national park or a place you love to visit. You can also have your ashes scattered in the ocean. However, for doing such things you need permission. So, it is important that you seek permission of the right authorities or tell your loved ones regarding what needs to be done.
  • Preserve the ashes in a beautiful vessel and keep the urn as a showpiece in the house. It will not just keep relatives and guests remember you, it also means your legacy will be discussed and you could continue to be an integral part of the household.

Eco-friendly funeral

The cremains of a person does not cause any kind of pollution to the environment. However, the urns you choose for burying the ashes should be biodegradable. This would mean that the urns will decompose and not cause any kind of soil pollution. Moreover, if you are choosing to plant a memorial tree, it would be good for the environment too. Since the last few years, there has been a serious shortage of burial spaces. Choosing to preserve the ashes in cremation urns means you do not have to spend money on purchasing burial real estate.

So, are you ready to tell your loved ones about your last wish? It feels responsible and great to be able to decide in time about your funeral rites. Is there anything else you want your family members to know? Share this post so that others might also get the idea regarding choosing the last rites.

Crematorium Running Out Of Burial Spaces, Cremation Urns For Human Ashes Is The Answers!

With an ever-growing urban population, the cemeteries are fast running out of space and the burial real estate is at its premium. Most of the cemeteries across the US are experiencing the real problem of land shortage and will soon run out of room for single graves. The famous Arlington National Cemetery has estimated that it would run out of space by the year 2041. According to Christopher Coutts, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Florida State University, “There’s definitely an urban cemetery space crunch… Space is at the highest premium in urban centers.” So, now?

It’s good news that many people are choosing cremation over burial. Whether it is for the premium cost of burial space or just a matter of choice, preserving the ashes in affordable urns is the choice of many individuals. Owing to a high demand for cremation urns, the industry has been seeing a fast growth for the last few years. A few reputed brands of cremation urns for human ashes have come up. Cremation urns are sold online, which makes it even more hassle-free to choose one.

Cremation is a cheaper alternative

Burial is expensive, and more so with so little space available! For instance, a single plot of land for burial at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto costs approximately $15, 000-$25, 000. Additionally, there are other expenses like a casket, funeral rituals, and a headstone, which could another $4000-$6000. Cremation is a way lot cheaper alternative than this. Rather than full body burial, burying the cremated remains in urns for cremation ashes is less costly. Moreover, it will take less space also. So, has anyone in your family wished for cremation as his/her last rites? Choose cremation urns.

Preserving the ashes…

When a relative of yours is cremated, there are two options before you – either you bury the ashes by putting in a biodegradable urn or you keep it in your home forever in a beautiful cremation urn. Often when a pet dies and the owner does not want to part with it, he/she has the option to choose pet keepsake jewelry with the ashes.

You can choose metal or stone urns, which are intricately designed and decorated for preserving the ashes. Such an urn could be kept as a piece of decoration in your home. decorate the area with photos and memorials of the deceased person. It will keep the person alive in everyone’s heart and his/her blessings over the entire household.

Planting a memorial tree is another option. With the problems of deforestation at its height, it is a noble step towards conserving the environment. To do that you can choose a biodegradable cremation urn. Fill the ashes along with a seed of a tree inside. You do not need to purchase a burial space in a crematorium; rather you can bury the cremation urn in your backyard or the garden. Some people also bury the urns containing seeds in a national park or a reserve forest. Within a few days, a sapling will grow out of the urn and in a few years, it will grow into a big tree! Isn’t that a great alternative to burying the ashes in a cemetery?

So, if any relative of yours has wished for a cremation, respect his/her choice and you know the options you have with the urns for ashes. Share this post so that others might know as well.

5 Most Common Types of Cremation Urns You Can Choose From

The trend of using cremation urns for preserving the ashes of the deceased loved ones is fast catching up! People who find it hard to do away with the ashes or the last remains of their loved ones can use these urns to preserve the ashes. However, it is not just a vessel; an urn is often designed to reflect upon the personality, choice, and the profession of the person. Moreover, there are different types of customizations that are available. Often, the ones with simple designs are inexpensive and the ones with intricate carvings are costly.

The purpose or the intention of the relatives of the deceased person determines the types of urns to be used. The ashes of army personnel could be preserved in military cremation jewelry. Likewise, the placement of the urn also determines the materials to be chosen. Urns could be used as a showpiece or can be kept preserved inside the wardrobe. Sometimes, the urns are also kept in a columbarium as well as in a cemetery. Are you confused regarding which one to choose? Given below are 5 most popular types of urns people choose and you too can pick from:

  1. Metal urns – There are different metals and alloys that go into the making of these urns – copper, steel, brass, and bronze are some of the commonest metals. These urns are durable and ashes in these urns can be preserved for a long period of time. These urns are the most appropriate for home preservation and in columbarium too.
  1. Stone urns – You can choose vessels that are carved out of different types of stones like marble, granite, and slate. Sometimes, stones like onyx and quartz are also used for manufacturing the cremation vessels.
  1. Wood urns – There are many exotic and domestic wood species with which the wooden urns are manufactured. Some of the varieties of wood that are often used in the manufacturing of these urns are pine, oak, maple, walnut, and mahogany. Wooden urns are mostly carved as well as adorned with stones and decorations. Wooden urns with less carvings and patterns are often sold as discount cremation urns. Wooden urns are also available on the section of biodegradable urns that people often purchase.
  1. Eco-friendly, biodegradable urns: Most of the reputed online stores have a separate section for earth-friendly urns. These are often made from different types of materials including paper, wood, clay, or suchlike others. These are often bought by people who are concerned with preserving the nature. The materials of these vessels break down and does not cause any harm to the environment in the long run.
  1. Cremation urn jewelry – Most of the time family members often want to keep a small portion of the ashes. Small portions of the cremains could be used to create necklaces for ashes after cremation. There are many kinds of jewelry that can be made from cremains – pendants, necklaces, as well as earrings are common. Keepsake smaller urns are made into pendants and earrings and are worn on special occasion. For making jewelry use of precious metals with expensive stone engravings is the trend. Jewelry is made from gold, silver, or brass. There are often precious stones engraved into these jewelry pieces.

These are just the five commonest types of cremation vessels available in the market. Besides these, there are other materials, types, and varieties of urns available in the market. You can choose the ones you like or ask for the consent of the immediate family members before purchasing.

Challenges in Choosing Urns for Ashes for Adults on Someone’s Behalf

Has your friend or neighbour insisted that you help him in purchasing a cherry wood urn for a deceased relative? He must be in a disturbed mental state where deciding on the right urn for the ashes is difficult. Or, he could be new to an area and does not know much about the place or might not be able to handle the purchase of a cremation urn himself. Whatever be the reason you ought to help the person in choosing the best urns for the cremains of his loved ones. But do you know his choice? He insisted on purchasing a cherry wood urn. But does he know about a stone or a metal urn? He might choose those if given an option. Moreover, what is the purpose of buying an urn? Is he planning to keep the cremains urn in a columbarium? Is the family planning to scatter the ashes somewhere? There are so many questions to be asked and answers. The first challenge is to ask all these questions to a grieving person. There are a few other challenges too which you might have to overcome to be able to help a person choose the right urns for ashes for adults.

Understand for yourself

You may not be able to ask too many questions on the choice of urns to your grieving friend. Instead, pay attention to the memories of the deceased relative he shares. If your friend shares some special memories with the deceased person, consider those while purchasing urns for cremains. Was the person in the military? There are different designs and sizes of military urns available in the market that you can choose. If the deceased person had any special vision for example, being environmentally conscious, you can choose biodegradable urns. Similarly, if the person wished to be remembered in any specific way you can consider than while purchasing urns.

Ask for the plan of the relatives

Another challenge that you might face is choosing urns for ashes for adults without knowing the purpose or motive of the relatives. For instance, if the family members have thought to bury the ashes or scatter the cremains, you need to choose urns that are biodegradable. If the family has the plan to use the urn as a showpiece over the mantle or somewhere in the house, then you should definitely choose metal ones that are intricately engraved and decorated. Moreover, the family might want to keep the urn in a mausoleum or columbarium. These days’ people are also making keepsake jewelry with the ashes of the deceased family member. So, you need to talk with the other family members of your friend to know what they are planning to do with the ashes of the person.

What if it’s an animal?

Sometimes people are so close to their pets that they find it hard to do away with their cremains. If your friend is asking you to purchase an urn for his beloved pet, you have the challenge to choose the right size of the urn. Does your friend have a pet bird or a dog? The size of the urn will depend on the size of the animal. Moreover, many people also create cremation jewelry for pets which they preserve as a keepsake or wear on special occasions.

Whatever is the reason and purpose and whichever urn you are choosing, you need to overcome quite a few challenges like these. Share this post so that others might know as well regarding the challenges of buying cremation urns on behalf of someone else.