A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Materials for the Cremation Urns

Letting go of the loved ones is one of the hardest decisions of life. This is probably the reason why many people are choosing to preserve the cremains of their loved ones in the cremation urns. These are specially made urns that are specially used for keeping the cremated remains of humans. But here comes criteria of choice. Not all urns are of the same sizes and the materials for manufacturing these urns are also different. Prices of these boxes also vary accordingly. Thus, it is often a tough decision for a person whether to choose a beautiful cherry wood urn or a carved out stone one.

If you shop around a bit for buying urns for cremains, you will see that there are a plethora of materials with which these urns for preserving the remains are made of. Given below is quick, but useful guide to help you choose cremation urns.

Choose material for urn based on purpose

Are you planning to scatter the ashes in the sea? You may have to carry the urn to a certain distance or may even have to travel by car or airplane with it. In such a situation you can use a lightweight cherry wood urn. Such an urn would look exceptionally beautiful and well-designed but will be lightweight for carrying. However, if you are looking for something strong and durable, you can choose brass cremation urns. Urns for keeping the ashes of the family members are generally designed and decorated. Thus, you can put such an urn on the mantle and add photographs of the deceased person and his/her belongings for decoration around it.

If you are planning to bury the ashes along with the urn in a particular place, you must choose urns that are biodegradable. A wooden urn would be a biodegradable option that you can choose. It will get decomposed easily. You can choose sand and stone urns also. However, wood, paper, and salt are some of the materials, which are easily biodegradable.

Some people choose urns based on the specific profession of the deceased person. For example, for sportspersons or enthusiasts, you can choose sports cremation urns. These are designed according to specific sports. You can choose these urns based on the interest of the person in particular kinds of sports. Sports cremation urns are also available in a variety of materials and therefore, should be chosen accordingly.

One of the most important things one should consider while choosing urns for cremains is the material. A cherry wood urn is biodegradable. However, brass cremation urns are strong and durable. Even while choosing sports cremation urns you should be careful about the material. If you have understood the ways you can choose the right urns for human ashes, you should share this post with others so that they know it too.

How Much Is The Price For The Urns For Human Ashes?

The practice of keeping the cremains of the dead loved ones has become quite popular during the recent years. This has lead to a rapid proliferation of the business of cremation urns for human ashes. You too can choose to keep the last remains of your loved ones close to your heart. Wondering about the cost of each urn? Read on…

Price often depends on the choice

Most of the time people of the deceased choose cremation urns for human ashes based on their aesthetic appeal. Beautifully carved and designed pieces of urns are therefore high in demand and thus, costly. Cremation jewelry for women is also quite popular. Small cremation urns for humans are often converted into necklaces and pendants. They are mostly keepsakes that women prefer to wear only during special occasions like the birthday or the death anniversary of the deceased person. Cost of the cremation urns also depends on the size, the purpose of the urns, as well as the materials.

Choosing materials for urns

Cremation urns are made from varied materials. Each of the materials has its own unique characteristics and usages. For example, wooden urns are used for burying the cremains in the soil or for scattering the ashes in the sea.  These are biodegradable ones, which easily get decomposed and do not cause any environmental issues. The alloy urns are strong and can be used for long-term preservation of the ashes. These are often designed beautifully and used as showpieces in many homes or as memorials. Some of the biodegradable materials for creating cremation urns for humans are sand, paper, corn starch, and other plant-based substances. Cremation jewelry for women is often made with precious metals like sterling silver, gold, stainless steel, or titanium. Thus, an urn will be comparatively cheaper than buying a necklace.

Cost according to size

There are many different sizes of cremation urns available in the market. The capacity of these urns is often calculated in cubic inches, which determines the amount of cremains they can hold. Wondering which size to choose for keeping the remains of your dead relative? Calculate it according to this equation:

1lb body weight = 1 cubic inch

Based on this formula, a person of 200 pounds should need a container of 200 cubic inches or more in volume. Depending on the size of the container, the cost often varies. However, in certain cases, alloy urns of smaller size will be pricey as compared to large urns made of paper. You need to compare both the material as well as the size before choosing urns for human ashes.

Before purchasing cremation urns for human ashes, you must make it a point to consider the material as well as the size. This is important because sometimes buying alloy urns can be economical than buying wooden ones. Cremation jewelry for women is definitely expensive as compared to cremation urns for humans. But as keepsakes, jewelry is worth spending a few bucks more. Share this post so that everyone knows how much urns cost.

Choosing the Right Size of Urns for Cremation Ashes

People who find it hard to part with the deceased loved ones have the choices of preserving the cremated remains. They can buy the specially designed urns for cremation ashes to put the cremains and keep that in their home. There are also people who prefer to use cremation jewelry. One of the most important things to decide on while buying cremation urns is the size. There are different sizes of these urns available in the market. But, you need to choose one according to the specific purpose. If you are planning to make keepsake jewelry with the ashes you can choose small urns. And, if you are planning to decorate the mantle with a designer cremation urn, you can choose large-sized wooden urns for human ashes of a size, which you prefer. Likewise, there are different considerations while choosing the right size of the urns for ashes. Read on to know more…

Considerations while choosing an urn

It is always important to choose the size of the urn according to the purpose. Thus, before choosing urns for cremation ashes you must consider whether these will contain all of the cremains or just a part of it. Remember, infant urns will be smaller than the adult ones. Similarly, the pet cremation urns will be of different sizes than that of the human urns. Decide wisely.

The material and the size of the urns also vary according to the purpose. So, before purchasing these urns, you must decide whether the cremains will be kept in a mausoleum, in a columbarium, or will be used to create jewelry. The urns that are usually for decorative purpose in homes will have different sizes and designs too.

The size or height and weight of the deceased person will also determine the size of the urn. Infant urns will be smaller than the urns for keeping the ashes of adults. Urns for pets will be of different sizes according to the size of the animal you are keeping as a pet. However, if you are not choosing to preserve all the ashes, you can choose urns according to the purpose.

Purpose also determines the urns you’d purchase. If you are planning to cremate the ashes of your loved ones, you must choose wooden urns for human ashes. Wood is biodegradable and will not cause any environmental hazards. For scattering the ashes of the deceased loved one you can even use urns made of paper or stone. However, if you are planning to preserve the ashes, you can use the alloy or the metal ones.

So, now that you know the considerations for choosing the right size of urns for cremation ashes, purchase. Remember, pet cremation urns and infant urns will be smaller than adult cremation urns. If you are planning to bury the cremains, choose wooden urns for human ashes. For long-term preservation use metal or alloy ones.

Vital Questions to Consider Before Choosing Cremation Urns

Are you planning to buy cremation urns to commemorate your dead loved ones? These days, the use of urns for keeping cremation ashes has become hugely popular. If you are finding it hard to let go of the last remains of your loved ones, you may keep it forever with you in an urn for human ashes. Furthermore, if you have decided to bury or scatter the ashes to the environment, you need to choose a wooden urn for ashes as it would degrade easily. Some people even choose to preserve the cremains of their beloved pet animals in suchlike urns for cremation ashes for animals. But how can you choose the best one? Here is a list of questions, which best determine the choice of cremation urns:

Who is it for?

There are different sizes and designs available with the urns for ashes. When it comes to purchasing such an urn, you need to determine who is it for? Pet urns for ashes and human urns are differently designed. Moreover, the sizes also differ. In addition to that, the sizes of the urns for infants are different from that of the adults. So, before purchasing these urns, decide for whom you are planning to buy the urns for ashes.

What would be the use?

Whether you are planning to create pet keepsake jewelry or want to decorate the mantle with the urn will determine the size and design of the urns. For using as a décor you can use urns that are made of metal, alloy, or stone. For burying the cremains you can choose a wooden urn for ashes. Similarly, if you want to keep the cremains in a columbarium, you can choose large urns. The keepsake urns and pet urns for ashes are smaller in size and are often used as jewelry. So, before purchasing you must think of the purpose. This will help you to choose the right size and materials for the urns.

What material to choose?

If you are planning to plant a tree along on the cremains as a memorial for the deceased relative, you must choose biodegradable urns for ashes. There are also urns made from paper or sand, which allow the seed or the sapling to grow by providing essential manure and allowing air and water to it. Moreover, if you are planning to create pet keepsake jewelry, you can choose precious metals like silver or gold. Planning to keep the urns as decorative items on the mantle? Choose beautifully designed metal or alloy urns for the purpose.

When it comes to choosing cremation urns, you need to decide on the materials and the sizes well in advance. You can choose a wooden urn for ashes for burying or disposing off the ashes. To create pet keepsake jewelry you can choose pet urns for ashes made of precious metals like gold or silver. Share this post so that all others would know the considerations to be made while choosing urns for keeping ashes.

Why Should You Purchase A Cremation Urn For Ashes In Advance?

Whether it is for you or for your loved ones, it is always a wise decision to purchase a cremation urn for ashes well in advance. If it’s for you, buying an urn well in advance will help you to reduce the stress of the relatives in choosing one later for you. Moreover, you will be able to choose the exact one where you want your ashes to be kept. If you are purchasing cremation urns for pets that are unwell or aged and may not live long, you can involve others in the decision by buying in advance. Thus, when they die you will already have the urns to keep their cremains. Similarly, you can involve your loved ones in choosing their urns well before their death. There are a few other reasons too for choosing cremation urns well in advance. Given below is a short list of the reasons:

  • By purchasing urn for ashes well in advance you can save money. Buying early will give you ample time to choose and compare urns at two or more different sites. You will also be able to bargain and choose the right size of the urns you require. For, getting the best deals and making an affordable urns choice, you should take some time.

  • If you are planning to create cremation jewelry with the ashes of your loved ones, you can place an order for customized designs and sizes you want. You may create earrings, pendant, or necklace with the ashes. If you want to create cremation jewelry with affordable urns, you must keep some time for adding personalization and bargaining on the price of the jewelry you are choosing. This will help you to get the best deals.

  • These days there are many online stores that are offering cremation urns for pets and humans both. But not all are offering the best deals or great designs. Choosing well in advance will let you choose the right store for making a purchase. You will be able to research well about the credibility of the store before purchasing. This will also let you check whether it is a registered and licensed store you are purchasing from. Doing this, in turn, guarantees good quality products.

Choosing cremation urn for ashes well in advance will give you ample time to shop around and choose the most affordable urns. Whether you are choosing cremation urns for pets or creating cremation jewelry you will be able to save money by bargaining for a reduced price. Let others know about the reasons for choosing cremation urns for ashes in advance by sharing this post. They might also be able to save money.

A Short Guide to Choosing the Right Urns for Ashes for Adults

Many people are choosing cremation as their last rites as compared to burials for a number of reasons. One of the greatest advantages of choosing cremation is that it is less costly as compared to traditional burial. Moreover, the family members of the deceased person can customize the funeral process as per their wishes. The last wishes of the deceased persons can also be fulfilled. In fact, there are a large number of people who are choosing to preserve the ashes of their loved ones in the urns for ashes for adults. Often cremains is put in the wooden urns and buried in the ground in a holy place or in a favorite place of the deceased relative. Read on…

  • Whether you want to keepsake the urns for ashes for adults or are planning to scatter the ashes into the sea, you must choose an urn first. It is not an easy process and it is advisable that you should start looking for an urn well in advance. This will save your time as well as the hassle of buying one during the funeral.

  • Do you want to create jewelry for ashes? Or, are you looking for an urn as a decorative item for your interiors? You can choose materials like gold, silver, and copper for the same. Intricately designed urns will not just look great in your interiors, but will also be a valuable memorial of the deceased person.  Keepsake jewelry containing the ashes of your loved ones can be worn during any special occasion at home. It will help you to cope up with the loss of the person.

  • If you are planning to purchase urns for pets, choose the size and the material carefully. If it’s a horse, you’d require a bigger urn than that of a rabbit’s urn. Similarly, if you are planning to bury the ashes of your beloved pets, you must look for wooden urns, which are easily biodegradable.

  • You can also purchase differently themed urns for keeping the ashes of your loved ones. There are sports urns for those who loved sports. Army personnel’s ashes can be kept in the military urns. Likewise, you can choose your own customizations to the urns according to the taste, choice, profession, and last wishes.

How Can You Prevent A Cremation Urn From Leaking?

Are you planning to cremate your dead relative and preserve his/her ashes for a long time in a cremation urn? But what if the urn you choose contain leakage? This will not only cause the ash to come out, but will also allow moisture and other damaging elements to enter. This will further cause the ash to get damaged within a small period of time and also cause the urn to fall apart. To prevent such a mishap from happening, you must leakage-proof the urn. But, how? Cremation urns for human ashes are made up of a wide variety of materials – wood, ceramic, stone, metal. Each of the urns should be preserved in a unique manner. Here is a short guide to help you prevent a cremation urn from leaking…

Choosing the right urn

One of the most important things that you need to remember is that the human urns for cremation are not constructed following strict rules and regulations as coffins. As these containers for keeping cremains are not regulated, having leakages and damages in them is not very unnatural. But you must make a choice of an urn that is without any damage. If still a leakage is found later, it should be dealt with immediately to prevent further damages. For making cremation jewelry for ashes you must check for leakage as they will contain a small portion of the ashes and so even a minute crack or hole might cause spillage of the ashes.

Choosing proper size

When purchasing human urns, you must remember to choose one according to the size of the deceased person. Remember, some people have more height and weight than others. So, buying two urns of similar sizes for two different persons is not a good idea. Moreover, the lids of the cremation urns for human ashes need to seal tightly. When it comes to creating cremation jewelry for ashes you need to put just a small amount of ash into each piece of jewelry. Choose the size of the pendant or earring according to the amount of ash you’d like to put inside it. The right sized urn will not crack or get damaged due to overstuffing of ashes in it. Moreover, a tightly fitted lid will prevent accidental spillage of the ashes.

Be careful while choosing wood

Urns made of wood are often used to bury the ashes into the soil. Generally, you may find worm holes or cracks in them. So, you need to check carefully while choosing an urn. For long-term preservation of wooden urns, you can apply a coat of polyurethane or lacquer. This would prevent leakage and increase the longevity of the urns.

Things That You Can Do With Cremation Ashes in Funeral Urns

Has an aged member of your family chosen to be cremated after death? You can commemorate him/her by keeping his/her ashes in the funeral urns or creating cremation jewelry pendants. These days cremation has become a popular end-of-life arrangement that many people are choosing. Thus, you will get many options when it comes to choosing urns for cremains. But before buying one for your deceased loved one, you must know the things you can do with the ashes in the cremation urns.

Law on disposing of cremains

When it comes to disposing of the remains of any deceased relative, you must check what the law of the place states. Local, federal, as well as state laws, come into play while choosing to dispose of the cremains in the sea in a biodegradable wood urn. You need to research the laws before you decide to scatter or bury the ashes. It will definitely depend on the location as well as what you plan for the final funeral ceremony. The cremains should be taken at least three nautical miles from the land if decided to scatter the ashes in the sea. You need to notify the EPA and scatter within the next 30 days. You need to provide information including the name of the deceased person, distance from the shore of the place you are choosing, depth of water and the latitude and longitude of the place. You may also need to provide the name of the person responsible for the burial arrangements.

If you are planning to scatter or bury the ashes in a wood urn within your own property, you can definitely do so without any hesitation. However, if you are planning to bury the funeral urns on someone else’s property, you need to get owner’s permission in writing. For scattering or burying the funeral ashes in a national park or public place, you must get permission from the respective agency that maintains or owns the land.

What else can you do?

You can turn small urns into cremation jewelry pendants. In the recent years, urn jewelry has become quite popular. They are mainly kept as keepsakes and are often worn on special dates. There are different types of urn jewelry that can be created from small-sized urns – necklaces, pendants, and earrings. Cremation jewelry can be created for all the close relatives of the deceased person with a certain portion of the ashes.

These days you can choose to grow trees on the ashes of your loved ones. There are biodegradable urns on which you can plant trees and seeds. Then, these urns are buried underneath the soil for trees to grow from those.